TacStar Sidesaddle Feedback

Here is letter which I received from one of the readers of the blog. I want this blog as objective as possible, that is why I’m posting negative reviews too:


I’ve got to tell you — this Tacstar sidesaddle is absolutely one of the WORST accessories one can mount on a shotgun!!

I’ve had one mounted on a Winchester 1200 for years, but the shotgun was mostly a safe queen. Last month, I brought it out and decided to use it for home defense, as it’s in perfect condition and has always had a “smooth as butter” action. So off to the range and some drills to get “reacquainted” with my old friend, yes?

Not quite: on the 5th shot — the TacStar sidesaddle (while a Winchester application in this instance, it’s exactly the same design as for the Remington 870 — just different mounting holes) snapped where the plastic “ring” surrounds the receiver mounting screw. The entire shell holder whipped 180 degrees and hit me in the forehead — HARD!

Fortunately, no damage was done, either to me or the Winchester. But the moral of this story? This item is COMPLETE JUNK and should NEVER be mounted and/or used on a shotgun by anyone who is serious about their weapons. If you must have a sidesaddle — go metal ONLY.

I just thought you should know what happened since you’re recommending this product.


Mesa Tactical Remington 870 Stock & Shotshell Carrier Package

Mesa Tactical Remington 870 Stock & Shotshell Carrier Package