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Remington 870 Guide is especially geared to newbie which needs to quickly understand such basics as disassembly, reassembly cleaning and zeroing.

What’s more important it teaches safety rules and how to avoid breaking your shotgun.

Before you spend a single dime on tactical upgrades you need to read this book to know what accessories will suit your needs. Author of the book has tested most of the upgrades available on the market and described their pros and cons. You don’t need to waste money to test different accessories because ebook will help you to choose the best upgrades possible.

Rich Lynch, owner of the Remington 870 from New Zealand said: “This is exactly what I needed when I first got my 870!”.

Even if you are still thinking about buying this shotgun, you will find a lot of information which will help you buying the Remington 870 of the needed configuration.

Experienced users will find advanced techniques to enhance their extractor, chamber, sights etc. These tips and advices will enable you to enhance your shotgun at home.

This book gives you all information about Remington 870 you need to know.

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Remington 870 Guide

Remington 870 Guide

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