I have published small post about Mesa Tactical 6-Round Side Saddle when I bought it. Now I am ready to write additional review about it. I store shells in it all the time, also, I use SideSaddle on competitions.

Mesa Tactical 6-Round Side Saddle

Mesa Tactical 6-Round Side Saddle

First of all it really looks and works great. It is very good and convenient for quick reloads. Mesa Tactical Side Saddles are used on police, competition, tactical and home defense shotguns. If you want to have a high-quality and durable Side Saddle which will last for years – Mesa Tactical is your choice.

This Sureshell Shotshell Ammunition Carrier is made of aluminium not plastic, it is durable and will last for a long time. Elastomer tube inside the Side Saddle holds shells in place tightly. Shells stays in place even after numerous shots.

SideSaddle is attached to the receiver using 4 special screws with spacers, so it will not scratch your receiver. But be sure to tighten them really good because if you will not do this, screws will get loose under recoil. It happened to me several times and now I always check screws before going to the range.

There are other versions of this sidesaddle: 4-round and 8-round.

TacStar SideSaddle is a cheaper alternative which I have successfully used for about one year. But it is not that durable and made of plastic.